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Project Manager

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PostSubject: 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY PROJECT March 4th 2014, 2:59 am

I am Ven, the Project Manager Coordi., I'd like to initiate a project which I hope and need everyone to be involved in.

As we all know, 8th April is a big day for EXO. It'll be their official 2nd year since their debut. So, I hope that we, EXO stans, would be do something that we can all do to celebrate it with them. There will be a project in which would be branched out into 2 category. And I sincerely hope and needs everyone to contribute to it.


1. Collection of Donations
I'm targeting to collect donations from fans. Contribute as much as you can. No minimum nor maximum. But please, make it at least a dollar and not just few cents.

The amount I aimed to collect is min. USD$250.
And the money would go to a charity co. and donated to those who needs them under EXO's name.

Money would be collected via various methods. PayPal, western union etc. If you do have further enquiries, do email me via OR .

Another option is to donate food supplies or daily necessaries. Things like mineral water, rice, canned food, clothes etc.. You can choose to do both or either.

2.Collection of gifts from fans

I'll be collecting gifts that fans bought, regardless when, and give it to EXO by mailing it to SM Ent. via postage. What we would do is that as we are all from different countries, we would collect the gifts from the fans that came from our own country then all of you would mail it to me, and I will get it mailed to SM Ent.

Q: Why mail it to me?
A: It's simple I need to check the gifts that would be mailed to EXO for their safety and etc. We would not want to mail gifts to EXO which the sasaeng fans sent us, do we?

Q: What could we give and what could we not give?
A: Foods, beverages, explosive items etc are NOT recommended. Foods and beverages would not be allowed is due to having incidents whereby sasaeng fans poisoned the food and gave it to the idols. I want to minimal such incidents to happen as much as possible. Also, certain foods would spoil in certain conditions. We would not want EXO to get food poisoning, would we?

Q: How do we know if it is really mailed to EXO or not?
A: I will be posting receipts after mailing it out on the blog as a proof to everyone that it is mailed out. (:

Q: When will the gifts be mailed out?
A: A week or 2 before the 8th April. This is due to the shipping period. We'd rather they got the things somewhere near the date than a week or 2 after, right? ^^

Q: Whose name would the gifts be under?
A: I'll put all the gifts in a parcel under EXODicted name, however, each individual gifts would have the fan's name and country he/she is from written/printed on a paper and pasted on it. What I'd recommend is that have the gift wrapped up first before giving it to us.
E.g. A soft toy was given from Ariel from Malaysia. I'll get it printed and paste 'Ariel - Malaysia' on the soft toy's wrap.

Q: How we know if the name of gift sender given to us the real one?
A: I'd recommend the fans, before passing the gifts to us, take a picture of it or with it and email to me along with your name and country you're from. ^^

Q: Where do we mail to and when?
A: Please mail to me or Lynette, another awesome staff, and the address would be posted soon. And all collections would stop in end of March. ^^

These are the questions I bet most of you would have in mind so I answered it first. However, if you do have further enquiries, do email me via OR .
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PostSubject: Re: 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY PROJECT March 10th 2014, 2:56 am

please state the detail a.s.a.p oo..i am looking forward for the programm =]
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PostSubject: Re: 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY PROJECT March 20th 2014, 10:20 am

If I mail tomorrow, I don't know if it'll reach you guys by the 28th. I hope so...xD
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