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PostSubject: Staff Application Staff Application EmptyJune 13th 2016, 2:25 am

Catch the ninja-spammer on the Forum, the ninja-spammer is the user who doesn't follow EXD's rules!


Making sure nobody posts back to back (double posting, just merge the posts)
Keeping your section clean from spam (Posts with less than 20 words, Spam threads by bots)
Reporting any over-sized signatures in the Staff Section or fixing it yourself.

Do not apply if you want to be famous by being our moderators.

Some tips:
If you can't online 24 hours on the forum to catch the ninja-spammer on EXD, then don't apply. We need an active Mods and a friendly Mods.

[b]Time Zone:[/b]
[b]Desired sections to moderate (max 2-3):[/b]
[b]Previous Experience:[/b]

PM to me if you want to join.


We are looking to expand our team of gallery uploaders so if you are interested in this position keep reading.

Job description & Requirements:
★You will be required to upload pictures from various sources/sites and pictures in the EXO photo forum to our gallery
★You must know where to source EXO pictures. Google image search is not good enough.
★As pictures are constantly being released you will also need to be uploading on a consistent basis
★You need to have a decent internet connection because as you know a lot of new pics come out every day
★No previous experience is needed. You will be given guidelines if you are chosen for this position

If you think you're up for it fill in this form

[b]Where do you normally source your EXO pics?:[/b]

PM me if you want to join.


Strong knowledge and understanding of the CSS, PHP, HTML, etc
Strong knowledge and understanding of javascript, flash, etc
Familiar with working with the Zetaboards
Be able to meet deadlines
Should have past experience
Should be active, and ready when needed
Be able to work diligently

Country & Time Zone:
Contact Info (Twitter/Email):
Previous Experience:

PM to me if you want to join.


What's Reporter?
Reporters' duty are slightly different from Translators'. Reporters are assigned to search for news and messages from EXO. We are asking our reporters to has a decent level of korean or chinese knowledge in order to find the korean/chinese news and also help us updating EXO Schedule and translate short online messages from their official board.
Must have 10+ posts, less then that and your application is voided automatically.
Must have a decent level of understanding of the Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English language.
Able to work under pressure.
Able to work with other opinionated people and, or in teams.
Be active and work diligently.
Some tips:
If you can't online 24 hours or less than 3 hours, DO NOT apply!

Country & Time Zone:
Position--Korean Reporter or Chinese Reporter (pick one or both):
Experience (List all, in any):
What are your news sources you usually use:
Samples (articles or messages)::
Contact Info (Twitter/Email):

PM me if you want to join.
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Staff Application

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