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[TUTORIAL] Joining EXO's Korean and Chinese fansites Empty
PostSubject: [TUTORIAL] Joining EXO's Korean and Chinese fansites [TUTORIAL] Joining EXO's Korean and Chinese fansites EmptyMarch 7th 2016, 10:00 pm

If you would like join Korean/Chinese fansites, it's good to know a few terms you might come across.
Here is a short list of these terms:

아이디 username/ID | 비밀번호 password | 비밀번호 확인 password verification/retype password | 이름 name | 닉네임 nickname | 이메일 주소 e-mail address | 비밀번호 찾기 질문/답변 Forgotten password security question/answer | 홈페이지 homepage | 블로그 blog | 생일 birthday | 주민등록번호 resident registration number (if you see this, it means that can't join the site - Only Korean residents have these numbers)

登录sign in | 用户名 or 登录名 username/ID or login name | 密码 password | 确认密码 confirm password | 姓名 name | 昵称 nickname | 电子邮件 email | 主页 homepage | 博客 blog | 生日 birthday | 接收邮件 receive mail (click if you wish to join the mailing list) | 找回密码 retrieve password
(Source: ngah@cxo)
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[TUTORIAL] Joining EXO's Korean and Chinese fansites

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