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PostSubject: [TUTORIAL] How to post a message on EXO's official fanboard March 7th 2016, 10:02 pm

How To Register
1. Go to EXO's official website: EXO-K || EXO-M
2. On the left bottom side of their websites, there will be a '로그인 ' link. Click it and there will be a pop-up window.
 3. Click the bolded 회원가입 on the pop-up and it will direct you to an SMTOWN link
 4. Click the big pink button that says 'MUSIC NATION SMTOWN' and you will be directed to this SMTOWN link
 5. Click the FOREIGNER Foreigners living outside Korea and you will be directed to the registration form.
6. Fill up the registration/membership form. (After typing your email, check if it's available by clicking the button next to the box you just typed in. then a popup box should appear and if it says "사용하셔도 좋은 이에일 입니다" then it's available. If not, you'll see this(see green)입력하신 이메일(아이디)는 이미 사용중입니다)
7. SMTOWN asks for verification so check your e-mail. There will be a message from SMTOWN and click the link they'll give you.
8. You are now registered! Go back to exo's site and locate the 러그인 link on the left bottom side again and log in with your email.
Posting Your Own Message:
1. Click the button with a pen symbol with it. 
 2. Fill in the boxes with the title of your message, and the content. Then click the check box.
 3. You're done!

Finding Out if an EXO member Replies to your Message:
This can also be a way of tracking your own post for the boys!
1. There will be a drop-down arrow below the fanboard. Click the 3rd content which says '작성자' (it means Writer)
 *선택: Select
제목: Subject
작성자: Writer
내용: Content
2. Type in the member's name (SUHO, BAEK HYUN, CHANYEOL, D.O., KAI, SEHUN, KRIS, LUHAN, XIUMIN, LAY, CHEN, TAO) or your own username. The member's name is in bold type by the way!
 3. It will have a pink arrow below/beside your post, if an EXO member replied to you.

(Credit: byunbacon@cxo)
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[TUTORIAL] How to post a message on EXO's official fanboard

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