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PostSubject: [TUTORIAL] Sign up on EXO's Daum Cafe Goeunnarae March 7th 2016, 9:58 pm

Signing Up!
* The screencaps have been taken from VisualGlow with credits

1. Go on - just follow the screencaps
 2. Click on ?overseas users?
 3. Confirmations~
 4. Fill in information:
 Once it?s done, check your email. You might have to check the junk section! When you have opened your email and gone on the link, it will redirect you to daum!
Signing up and levelling up on Goeunnarae

1. Click on the purple button on the left side
 2. Fill up information for your nickname and the word-security check! [NOTE:This screencap is from Rainbow's fancafe, In Goeunnarae you only need the nickname and code]
 3. Scroll down and click the link on the left side bar as shown [등엽미션]
 - Then click the [글쓰기] button as shown in the black box

4. For the title and the body text write: EXO PLANET+EXO-K+엑소케이+EXO-M+엑소엠 데뷔축하♥

6. Go back to the same window as shown in number 3
You will find your three posts all together, in a row. Remember the three numbers that are located next to your three posts on the left! E.G 778,779,780. Your nickname must be on the right side.
 7. Now go on the link as shown in the picture below. [등엽신청] button on the left column
Nickname / daum ID / Full Name / Date of Birth / Gender / Country / A short supportive sentence for EXO / Post numbers*

*The post numbers are the three different numbers that you got as post numbers next to the three posts you made [Look at number 6]

Here is a version of what I did:
Seungeun / seungeunlee1995 / Seungeun Lee / 1995.05.25 / 여 / 한국 / 엑소 파이팅! 데뷔를 기다를게요!!! / ***,***,***

Credit: sunnybun@twitter
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[TUTORIAL] Sign up on EXO's Daum Cafe Goeunnarae

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